About Us

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Linden Celebration 2020

Linden Cohousing is an inter-generational intentional community of 45 one-to-three bedroom units in an urban neighborhood on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin.  We welcome people of all racial and economic backgrounds, all cognitive and physical abilities, and any sexual orientation and gender identity.

We are dedicated to creating a diverse, caring community through sharing material resources, common meals, celebrating life events, and working and playing together.




Linden Cohousing is a welcoming and sustainable community that purposefully commits time and talents to nurture and support each other. Our shared values guide us to care for our place, grow relationships and connect with the greater community and the cohousing movement.


Caring Community

  • Includes respect, compassion, kindness, and empathy
  • An environment filled with humor, fun, joy, ritual and celebration
  • Being neighborly 


  • Inclusive, accessible and welcoming to a multiplicity of people of a variety of means
  • Reflective of the wider community 

Intentional Community Building

  • Continuously building trust among community members
  • Affirming, inclusive, and effective group process
  • Shared responsibility and voice
  • Connection and collaboration with the neighborhood and broader community 


  • Consideration of:
    • Environmental impact
    • Financial resources
    • Human resources of time, talent, and abilities
    • Balance between privacy and community involvement